Welcome to Portland's first Lifehacking Bootcamp

Join us to measurably improve your Health, Productivity & Relationships. Check back later for dates!

20+ Sessions

Over twenty carefully selected experts teach you evidence-based tools and techniques for change. See talks from previous Spark Weekends.

20 Minutes Each

We get to the point. Sessions are short and packed with practical insight you can immediately apply. No fluff. Your time is too valuable for that.

Learn New Tools

Test out some of the coolest lifestyle change gadgets and apps. It's much easier to change habits with the right tools at your fingertips.

Challenge Yourself

Learning is great; doing is better. You can choose to take up a Speaker's Challenge to improve your life in 30 days. Get cash back if you succeed.

Megan Roosevelt

The Healthy Grocery Girl

Vanessa Van Edwards

Author and Behavior Investigator

Amber Case

Co-Founder, Geoloqi

Aaron Parecki

CTO, Esri R&D Center

Matt Antis

Parkour Trainer

Teresa Nicola

Professional Organizer

Daniel Reeves

Co-Founder/CEO Beeminder

Bethany Soule

Co-Founder/CTO Beeminder

Dee Williams

Sustainability Advocate

Alex Linsker

Statewide Community Organizer

Kimberly Novosel

Writer, Entrepreneur, Self-Development Expert

Ashkahn Jahromi

Co-Founder Float On

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